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Admissions at Camphill Village

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Camphill Village offers residency and work for adults with developmental/ intellectual disabilities over the age of 21 who have the health, strength, and ability to be a part of an active community where work, social, and cultural events go hand-in-hand.

We encourage lives of responsibility and independence among people who desire to contribute to a healthy, vibrant community through their work and enthusiasm.

And before the admission process begins, we urge potential applicants and their families to visit Camphill Village for a tour. This is arranged directly with the social worker who will book an appropriate time.

So how does someone become a resident of Camphill Village?
(The process of applying)

Step 1: Complete and email the APPLICATION FORM and all the necessary documentation to socialworker@camphill.org.za.

Step 2: An interview is arranged by the social worker, with the family or legal guardian, applicant and representatives of Camphill Village. On the basis of the interview we will make a recommendation as to the suitability of Camphill for the applicant, or we might suggest an alternative option if we feel that is more appropriate.

Step 3: When a temporary space is available the applicant will be invited for a trial visit of two to four weeks.

Step 4: After this visit we will assess whether to proceed with formal application forms, for the applicant to be placed on the waiting list.

Step 5: After the consideration of an application and the evaluation of the prospective resident, all qualifying applicants are accepted for a trial period of up to six months during which time they will be assessed as to their ability to adapt to the village environment and their suitability to be accepted into the village.