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Skills Training

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Skills Training at Camphill Village West Coast

Many residents have had no formal education or training. Residents learn many life skills as part of daily life, helping around the group home and mastering small domestic tasks as part of a life-sharing community.

There is also specific training to help residents learn individual skills. Examples of these are training in personal hygiene, HIV/Aids training, sexuality of the individual and social skills. We have guest speakers who give talks on a variety of subjects.

Each resident is trained in skills to work in one or more of Camphill's enterprises according to their abilities and natural preferences. Some learn to assist in the bakery, others learn skills in the herbal workshops making Camphilll's range of products. Some residents work on the farm or in the vegetable garden.

All of these enterprises equip the residents with training in useful skills and give them a sense of achievement and of contributing usefully to their community.