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Therapy Programmes

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Therapies - art, music, group at Camphill Village West Coast

Each group home leader, together with our social worker, develops an individual development plan and care plan for each resident. Based on this, a range of therapies and training are designed to best assist their development.

In our tranquil Moya Therapy Centre a range of therapies are provided for residents. Older residents in particular benefit physically and emotionally from oil baths and massage treatments.

Speech therapy, movement therapy and therapeutic eurythmy are provided to residents who will benefit from them.

Some residents attend Equi therapy. Horses are used in overcoming fears, in developing trust, increasing low muscle tone, developing self-esteem and can assist with emotional problems.

All residents enjoy painting/art therapy and music therapy, which may be done individually, or in groups. Reading and writing classes are held for some of the residents. Residents who show a special appreciation of music are given piano lessons and voice training.

Once a year a Variety Concert is held and residents share what they have learnt in the year with everyone in the community.