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The Farm

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Jersey dairy cows at Camphill Village

Camphill has been farming organically for more than 30 years.

We have a herd of 55 Jerseys cows which we milk twice a day. The cows are kept on pasture all the time except in very wet weather when they shelter in one of our barns. Their milk is processed in Camphill's dairy for village use and for the dairy products which we sell.

We have 40 Nguni cows which graze on our more marginal pastures.

In our organic garden we grow a wide range of herbs to supply our herbal workshops and to sell, and organic vegetables to supply our village houses and to sell through selected Cape Town retailers.

Other products from the Camphill farm include Jojoba beans, from which we press Jojoba Oil for our cosmetics, guavas and firewood.

Residents are involved in all aspects of the farm, growing vegetables, maintaining the herb gardens, and working with the animals.


Tomato tunnel at Camphill VillageCucumber tunnel at Camphill VillageDepartment of Agriculture, Mandela Day, at Camphill VillageHappy planting seedlings, Mandela Day, at Camphill Village