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Recreation at Camphill

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Sport and Recreation at Camphill Village West Coast

Camphill offers a wide range of recreational activities to the residents as well as everyday socialising and visiting between the village houses.

We have a choir which meets weekly and performs at the annual concert, and a marimba band that plays every month at the Camphill market. Regular films are shown and talks from visiting speakers are arranged in the community centre. This community centre has a fine stage which allows plays and eurythmy performances to be put on both by the village and by visiting performers.

Residents who enjoy sport play soccer, with occasional friendly matches against other organisations, and there is an enthusiastic group who play pool, and table tennis. An open air swimming pool is ideal for summer time activities.

Each group home arranges its own outings, which might take the form of a hike, a visit to a restaurant, trip to the beach or to a museum or gallery.

Camphill's monthly market is looked forward to as a social occasion, where residents welcome the public to come and share a day out in their beautiful village. Families visit, residents may run their own stalls, direct parking of cars, help stallholders set up, play in the marimba band and generally soak up the atmosphere of enjoyment and music.