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Home life at Camphill Village

Group homes are an essential part of life in Camphill. These homes are an extended family environment where people with special needs, group home leaders (and their children), and young volunteers live in a life-sharing situation.

There is always a wide range of capabilities, as well as disabilities in the group home, so life is managed co-operatively. Group home leaders encourage a spirit of mutual respect and tolerance, and help residents to take initiative and develop their social skills. For many residents without family, Camphill is the only home they will ever have.

Home life at Camphill Village

Residents are taught basic housekeeping skills such as ironing, cleaning and preparation of meals. Some residents are able to cook meals for the house with the supervision of the domestic team leader. A domestic team leader comes in every day to assist the group home leader with the running of the group home and to work with residents.

There are 13 group homes spread around the village each with between 6 and 12 residents.

Camphill has its own small and beautifully designed chapel, where services are held monthly by a visiting Christian Community priest from the Cape Town diocese.