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Sigi's Jams

Another Camphill resident success story is Sigi's Jam Store, owned and run by Sigi Maass, an independent resident of  Camphill's Sunset House.   "It all started two years ago out of a love for jam," Sigi said. "The shop just didn't keep as much variety as we would have liked. So we decided to make our own."  Her jam stall is now a fixture at every Camphill market, with a steady and loyal customer base and sells marmalade, plum, custard apple, apricot and crab apple jams amongst others.
"Production is seasonal and it took a while before I got the recipes right, but now I have a good handle on production." Sigi proudly explains how the whole operation takes place in the house kitchen. She purchases sugar from the shop, receives bottling stock from existing customers, has labels made, sterilizes and  preps everything herself.

Most of the money from sales goes into buying equipment and stock for the stall.  "Sometimes I find it difficult to cut the pieces of fruit evenly and I'm saving up for a nice food processor. Apart from bottles that's the only thing I really need."   I asked Sigi what is in it for her and where she sees it going?   She loves being able to save for more things to make the jam, she just loves making the products and interacting with her customers. She loves nothing more than a satisfied customer who comes to buy again. "The next stage is moving into pickled goods," says Sigi. We can't wait! 
The next market is on Sunday the 3rd of July. Be sure to stop off and try one of Sigi's delicious jams.