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Camphill Cosmetic Creams Are Back

As a non-profit dedicated to creating products that are not only natural but holistic and of the highest quality, we face many difficulties in finding the right raw materials in a chemically driven market.
Such was the case with our much loved Camphill Creams, when our suppliers stopped selling the natural ingredients. Rather than compromise our products we set out to find a replacement and are pleased to announce that we finally have!  The new Camphill creams contain more Camphill goodness than ever, utilizing our own Jojoba oil and infused oils.  We can now also extend our range to include a wider variety of body and hand creams.
So if you have been missing your Arnica, Calendula, Neroli and Chamomile creams, fret no more -   we are all stocked up and our orders department is awaiting  your order.  We will also be re-releasing our range of Jojoba & Rose, as well as Almond and Chamomile Hand Creams. 

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