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Camphill at Wellness Warehouse

Last Wednesday we took some of our favourite products and favourite people to Wellness Warehouse on Kloof to spread awareness about Camphill - our products and what we do. Mignon Stokes shares about the day:

Yesterday was absolutely lovely, we received so much positive feedback and people were truly interested to find out more about the Village and what we do. Lots of information was shared and products were enjoyed to everyone's delight.

Personally, the best experience was seeing Foodies, Vegans , and Average Joe's being completely overwhelmed by the natural sweet sensation of our Organic Sugar Snap peas; so many people came back and put full pods in their mouths!. It is wonderful to see that we can share our Wholesome Love Cultivated Organic goods with anyone, absolutely anyone.

Camphill Dairy Products at Wellness Warehouse Camphill Dairy Products at Wellness Warehouse Camphill products at Wellness Warehouse

It was most incredible having Siggi with us; her 25 years in the bakery sure do help with all the questions, and her passion is evident, what a blessing.

Neelsi our German Volunteer flourished as he engaged with Customers, told more about the village and even promoted our stock; his enthusiasm was enjoyed by all. I see a bright Camphill future for him.

Rozelle was her predisposed beautiful self, and was a great help; she sure has a knack for soft spoken words.

I must say this was the best team of villagers I have ever taken with me to an awareness campaign;, it was wonderful to work with the mix, we got lots of positive feedback, I have received a few leads to follow up on and we also have requests for people coming to visit.

It was a truly blessed experience and I would like to thank Wellness Warehouse for the opportunity and Camphill village for the excellence.