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Our Music Festivals

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Our first music festival in 2014 was a celebration of Camphill Village West Coast’s 50th birthday, with Freshly Ground headlining and many more exciting bands playing through the afternoon. Our residents had a fabulous time as did all the Camphill friends, family and supporters who joined us. Encouraged by this success, the festival continued as a major sponsored fundraiser in 2015, 2017 and 2018. Christened Off The Grid Music Festival to indicate our quest for sustainability, our festivals grew more ambitious with some festival guests travelling by bike from Cape Town and camping overnight, planting trees and many more linked initiatives.

In 2019 we scaled back to something simpler and smaller and returned to the original birthday celebration concept for residents, family and friends of Camphill. Each festival has been memorable and thoroughly enjoyed for its intimate and relaxed country atmosphere with our residents at the forefront of the fans lining the stage and dancing their hearts out.

Revisit memories of past festivals in the archives.

Camphill Village - 55 years Celebration