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Gifts and Bequests

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What is a bequest: “the act of giving or leaving something by will” Leaving your legacy, a remembrance and making a difference after you are gone, ensuring your memory lives on.

It is having that conversation, and you do not have to be rich or old or fit into any category to have a will or to do estate planning. We all want to do good and make the world a better place, we are not always in the position during our lifetime, but by making a bequest to Camphill Village West Coast we can still make that difference, keeping your spirit of compassion and generosity alive.

Kinds of Bequests: A specific sum of money, a percentage of your estate, ceding of a policy no longer needed. Any assets, whatever the bequest or its value it Will make a difference as per your wishes.

If you already have a will you can add a bequest to Camphill Village to an existing Will, simply by completing a codicil and keeping it together with the original Will.