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Camphill Village is a residential community for adults living with intellectual disabilities and special needs. The organisation is run by a dedicated team of Co-Workers who are actively involved in all aspects of village life. Most Co-Workers are also Group Home Leaders, others are more actively involved in running the farm or another part of the organisation.

We welcome people who wish to gain life experience while being of service. We ask for a commitment of a minimum of one year with the view to making this a long term commitment.

A fundamental requirement is one of attitude, a willingness to respond to needs of the organisation and its residents and to learn to function in sometimes pressurised situations. Community life is not always easy. Each one of us inevitably faces the challenge of personal growth. It takes time to learn how to work alongside adults with special needs that are often two or three times your age and to earn their respect. Living and working intensively with others involves struggle as well as joy. You would need to be open to this.

Group homes are an essential part of life in Camphill. These homes are an extended family environment where people with special needs, group home leaders (and their children), and young volunteers live in a life-sharing situation. There is always a wide range of capabilities, as well as disabilities in the group home, so life is managed co-operatively. Group home leaders encourage a spirit of mutual respect and tolerance, and help residents to take initiative and develop their social skills.

Our life requires the openness to participate fully in the home and community activities. Many of the tasks are repetitive but need to be executed on a daily basis as the normal functioning of the village relies on them. We would ask you to work wherever there is the greatest need at the time of your joining us.

If you wish to apply to be a Co-Worker, please complete the application form and email it to If your application is successful you will be contacted and the process will be explained further.


Application Forms

Download our Co-Worker Application form (PDF - 378KB) ... CLICK HERE