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The Steezies

The Steezies

We are The Steezies; an Afro funk energy train that blends western music, African harmonies and hip hop flows in explosive live performances. We were looking at options for NYE gigs, and we thought we would hit you up.

We are currently recording our EP, so I don't have any tracks to show you yet, but here are some good reviews and promo snippets.

Here is a promo teaser from our show at Feastival this year:

This is a small fun edit from our tour up the East Coast last month:

In the 6 months we've been active we've shared the stage with The Rudimentals, Grassy Spark, Native Young, Los Tacos and more.

In the last two months we have headlined 3 festivals.

We were voted top 10 acts at Rocking the Daisies:

We were voted to 5 up and coming bands to watch:

We would love to come share our music with you, so please let me know what you think and if you need anything more :)