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Jackal & the Wind

Jackal and the Wind

A four-piece indie-folk band from Paarl, Jackal and the Wind have been making waves in South Africa on their Finding Home tour, were playlisted across the country with their single The People Sing from their debut album and have performed on the Expresso show. This is what they have to say about the inspiration for their music:

In a world of illusions and where things donít always seem the way they are, four young men from the tip of Africa have come together to put pure, palpable, unadulterated emotion into sound. The jackal is what we are as individuals and as a group, the hunger to find something tangible in sound. The wind is there to serve the purpose that not all things we donít see arenít there. Emotion and sound canít be seen but our soul purpose is to try and make those two things as tangible as possible through what we produce through our instruments.

The Jackals:

  • Christopher Kruger: Lead vocals and rhythm guitar.
  • Peter Kruger: Lead Guitar, backing vocals and tambourine soloist.
  • Cobus Von Williegh: Bass Guitar and hand clapper.
  • Johan Pretorius: Drums, backing vocals.


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