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by James Sleigh   (2015-04-01)

Last week on 25th March the long-awaited Kwela programme featuring Camphill Village was aired for the first time. Ever since the team visited us at the end of February, interviewing residents and co-workers, visiting the dairy for milking and having lunch in one of the group homes, everyone at Camphill has been agog to see the finished footage.

In honour of the occasion and to watch Kwela together, all the residents and co-workers shared a communal supper at the Bayleaf Cafe, only to have load-shedding kick in at the vital time slot. A candlelit supper was enjoyed, but would there be any power in time for the 8pm showing? Luckily we managed to get a generator rigged and running just in time for Kwela to be switched on.

Well done to the Kwela team for a beautifully produced feature on our village and our people. Therese Benade was a wonderfully sympathetic interviewer and presenter really giving each person interviewed a chance to speak for themselves and giving a lovely overview of life at Camphill Village.

Watch the video for yourselves here: