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Pure Jojoba Oil Harvested by Hand

by James Sleigh   (2015-01-23)

When it’s time to harvest our jojoba beans everyone at Camphill works together, residents co-workers and volunteers, to bring in the precious beans, so that our cosmetics workshop can produce our fabulous natural jojoba oil.

This fun time-lapse video shows everyone hard at work hand-picking the beans from the jojoba trees here at Camphill Village West Coast.

We hand-pick, cold press, prepare, bottle and label our jojoba oil right here at Camphill. The beans are grown using the strictest biodynamic principles, so there are no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. It’s all natural, high quality and made with love in the true Camphill spirit.

If you’ve never tried jojoba oil before, here’s a bit more about how you can use it for a natural approach to skin care and beauty:

  • Jojoba oil is a liquid wax revered in the beauty industry for having the same properties as the sebum produced by your skin. So it not only penetrates naturally (and without aggravating sensitive skin), but it actually tricks the skin into producing less sebum, resulting in less oily and less shiny skin.
  • Jojoba is equally good for face and body (it has a natural SPF4 sun protection factor), makes an excellent moisturizer and make-up remover, and you can even use it as a conditioner on your hair.
  • As a massage oil, it combines with the skin's sebum to form an emulsifier that unclogs pores by gently lifting out grime and embedded impurities.
  • It also contains myristic acid which makes it an easily absorbed anti-inflammatory for sprains and bumps.

If you’d like to know more about our Jojoba oil or find your nearest supplier, contact our Cosmetics Workshop on or on 021 571 8609.
Or come to our monthly market (next one Sunday 1st February) and try some of this luscious oil for yourself!