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New Products from Camphill Dairy

by James Sleigh   (2015-02-13)

Our dairy has started the new year with a burst of creativity and we’re about to launch some scrummilicious new products!

New Yoghurt Flavours - Chocolate, Passion Fruit and Pomegranate

We know you love our creamy natural yoghurt full of organic dairy goodness. But sometimes those snack attacks crave a little bit more decadence. So we’ve created a chocolate yoghurt, flavoured with organic cocoa powder and sweetened with organic honey, the healthy way to get your chocolate fix!

And two new fruit flavours to delight the taste buds:

Pomegranate for bursts of juicy pomegranate fruitiness from our own organic home-grown fruit.
Passion-fruit from our own organic granadillas gently cooked with organic honey .

These are brand new flavours just developed and haven’t reached the retailers just yet, but we hope to have them in our outlets very soon.

Camphill Breakfast on the Go special

Already proving popular is another new product this year - our Breakfast on the Go special.

A 250ml pot of either full cream or low fat yoghurt, with generous serving of our bakery’s delicious granola, it’s the perfect healthy grab and go breakfast.

Looking forward to hearing back from you what you think about our new products. Taste them for yourselves and tell us which you like best.