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Christmas Plays

by James Sleigh   (2014-12-18)

Not as old as Christmas itself, but quite a few hundred years old is the tradition of the Oberufer Christmas Plays. The Paradise, the Shepherds’ and the Kings’ plays belong to the tradition of the Medieval mystery plays and were performed originally by German peasants in a small village called ‘Oberufer’, near Bratislava.

In  1850s, Karl Julius Schröer, one of Rudolf Steiner’s teachers, discovered the plays and started to collect manuscripts. Steiner himself was so taken by the plays, that he included them in his curriculum for the Waldorf School.

As the Waldorf Schools have spread so have the Oberufer Christmas Plays and they are now performed, in different languages, all around the world.

A few years ago we managed to rekindle this beautiful tradition here in Camphill Village.

This year our volunteers will perform the Paradise Play on Sunday the 21st of December at 17h30 in the Moya Centre.

Our children and friends will perform for us a version of the Shepherds Play on the Wednesday 24th at 17h30 in the Community Centre.

(Please note: the times have changed since it was mentioned in the Newsletter)

Please come and join us for these special events.