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Camphill Talent Show

by James Sleigh   (2015-06-24)

Camphill’s 2015 Talent Show on Saturday evening filled the whole village with energy and creative expression and was a beautiful evening. Not even load-shedding kicking in just as we were getting under way could dampen our spirits. Our back-up generator was ready and waiting and the show went on.

Our MC, Carl Du Preez is a well known musician and was incredibly supportive, encouraging and fun. Liny Kruger of LK Media, Jessica Schnehage of The Project Room and Chris Samuels of Vision Music Records, all with music industry backgrounds, joined us as judges for the event. Many thanks to all of them for their positive feedback and enthusiastic contribution to the evening. Here’s what they had to say:

"My experience at the Camphill Talent Show was truly meaningful. The joy these individuals exude and the courage they had to show of themselves on that stage was immensely moving. I experienced first hand the honesty and sincere expressions of these beautiful and unique individuals, and am so grateful to have been able to play a part in encouraging their creativity. Congratulations to the Camphill team for nurturing such a powerful and engaging space for the intellectually challenged. They have so much love to give.” Jessica Schnehage

“What a well organized and lovely evening. Loved that Camphill Village Hermanus and Orion also partook, a wonderful sense of community and appreciation of each others` talents among the residents. It was a privilege (and a very difficult task) to be one of the judges. Everyone was amazing, am so impressed with the thoughtful preparation that went into each performance. The art was also incredibly special. Each and every piece was impressive.” Liny Kruger

We had four categories: art, dance, singing and musical instruments and everyone put on an amazing show – well done to all who took part and congratulations to our winners:

Music:    1st Maria Tonin    2nd Joanna Sankey    
Dance:    1st Brendan Minnaar    2nd Alex Josephs    3rd Hayley en Gregory
Art:    1st Michael Allin    2nd Monte Clark    3rd Gillian de Kote
Sing:    1st Bart Kentgens    2nd Isaac Solomons    3rd Francis Hendricks

There was extra entertainment with belly dancing from Urshulah Natraj of Fusion Bellydance Studio, a dance group from Witsand, a Mamma Mia song from the Camphill staff and a Village People rendition by the Camphill management team. Lots of fun was had by all – the audience sang along, cheered and encouraged contestants who were nervous. One contestant who struggled to get on stage because she has a walker, was picked up by a young co-worker and waved to the audience as she was carried on stage.

It was a delightful evening, with lots of singing and dancing with great courage and talent.

Thank you to Rene Maritz for the wonderful photography of the event and for her enthusiastic support.

Thank you to our Young Co Workers led by House Leader Ninja Geissler for organising, decorating and making it possible: Paula, Nils, Rafeal, Elias, Jisu, Katharina, Lena, Charlotte, Vanessa.