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Camphill Open Air Stage and Mamma Gogo

by James Sleigh   (2015-01-27)

Our music festival last September inspired us all with what a wonderful venue Camphill can be for live music and happy gatherings. Now that we have built our stage and seen how well it works, we plan to make this an annual event and with the help of all our devoted friends are looking forward to a second music festival this coming October (we have provisionally set the date as October 24th).

With this in mind we are improving the area around our stage by clearing and levelling the ground. Instrumental in this project has been the generous help and practical input from the Mamma Gogo initiative, organised by Donald Barnett and some dedicated volunteers. They spent several days in the New Year getting the clearing process underway, removing debris, levelling the ground and trimming low branches from trees to open up the space.

The idea is to expand our monthly markets using the stage area and surrounds, as well as our existing market area. There will be live music from the stage including Mamma Gogo couch jams during our monthly markets (the first Sunday of each month) adding to the Camphill relaxed country vibe. We hope to have the area ready and music planned in time for our March market.

Many thanks to Mamma Gogo, Donald Barnett, Dylan Posthumus, Deaf Hands at Work and the others involved, for all their energy and hard work. 
Photos from Mamma Gogo.