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Camphill on Kwela Kyknet TV

by James Sleigh   (2015-03-19)

Camera crew, producers and presenter, Theresa Benade, from Kyknet TV spent a day at Camphill at the end of February, experiencing what our residents experience on a daily basis. The day started at 6.00, filming the cows being milked, then witnessed the farm and dairy operations and the bakery team making bread. They interviewed some of the residents and some of the house leaders, as well as Janine and myself.

The team from Kyknet experienced lunch in a group home and had a chance to informally chat to residents and enjoy being part of the experience of a group home.

Everyone is waiting in eager anticipation to see what materializes from all the footage. The expected date of broadcast will be the 25th of March at 8.00pm, but we will send out a newsflash to confirm the date.