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by James Sleigh   (2014-07-01)

There are 120 Camphill branches worldwide, and every three years, a board member of each Camphill is invited to attend a Dialogue Conference. This is a strategic conference in which discussion takes place about where Camphill as a whole is going, the challenges facing us and an opportunity for different Camphill’s to share what they are doing.

I was fortunate to have been nominated to attend this one which was held three weeks ago in Soltane, near Philadelphia in America. It was a great opportunity to experience the wealth of knowledge, commitment and passion held by people involved in Camphills around the world.

Many questions were debated – how can we make our Camphills better known? What are our growth impediments? How do we self-evaluate ourselves? How do we adapt to an ever changing world without losing the essence of Camphill? How do we retrain ourselves to truly understand the changing needs of our residents? With a mixture of professional inputs and discussion, this was an inspiring event and we hope to bring some of these ideas and inspiration into our daily lives.

Camphill Dialogue conference Camphill Dialogue conference

After that, I attended a conference in Scotland – in which the different regions came together and two of us represented Camphill Africa. At this conference, different regions shared what each Camphill is doing, how they are dealing with challenges that face them and this formed the base for much further discussion. It has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know and meet the broader movement of Camphill.