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Camphill Dairy Goes Solar

by Kit Heathcock   (2014-04-30)

We’re very proud to have established one of South Africa’s first solar powered dairies here at Camphill Village West Coast. The innovative 20kW solar power plant allows us to provide for the electricity needs of our existing dairy from renewable energy and reduces our dependence on the grid, creating a more sustainable future for our community.

The exciting Solar Rays project was made possible by Germany –based Rays of Hope Foundation who gathered together a number of industry leaders to donate all the necessary technology and components, including BAE, Dehn, First Solar, Hanel Projects, Lahmeyer International, Leschaco, Q3, Schletter, Sieckmann Engineering, SMA Solar Technology, Solardura, Southern Sun Solar and UFE. Huge thanks go to all of those who contributed to this fantastic project.

The solar plant uses innovative thin film solar photovoltaic technology recently developed in Germany, which is more sensitive to sunlight and provides a steadier production of energy even on overcast days. We anticipate that this plant will help us save approximately R1.44 million in electricity costs over the next 20 years. And, with the uncertainty of constant electricity supply from Eskom, it means that our dairy can run un-interruptedly, as well as reducing its carbon footprint and making it more sustainable.The plant was inaugurated on 19th March by Councillor Xanthea Limberg, Chairperson of the City of Cape Town’s Economic Environmental and Spatial Planning Portfolio Committee and the whole village took part.

This hugely successful project has only fired up our determination to take renewable energy further. Together with Rays of Hope, we are already planning an ambitious second phase, Solar Rays 2, with the aim of eventually making the whole of Camphill Village West Coast independent of the grid.

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Solar energy installation foil panels at diary Solar energy installation inauguration at Camphill Village