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Bread baking and Essential oils classes

by James Sleigh   (2016-04-20)

Our Sourdough Bread Baking class, and Essential Oils class were enthusiastically received at the April market, so much so that we will be repeating both classes at the next market on the 1st May for those that weren’t able to come last month.

The essential oils class had an exciting time mixing oils with Craig in the cosmetics workshop – he talked about the properties of various oils, how to mix them and what to look out for, and then they made a winter blend for the treatment and prevention of colds and flu, and an aromatic blend as a room clarifier, to take home and enjoy.

The sourdough bread baking class learned all about the alchemy that happens between a sourdough culture and bread flour. Max told the story and philosophy of how it all works, then they mixed up the dough before leaving it to rest while they went and enjoyed the market for a while. Everyone then returned to the bakery to shape individual loaves. At the end of the market, they were able to pick up their golden loaves and take home their own jar of 14 year old Camphill sourdough starter, to carry on their baking at home. Read more about the experience in this blog post.

As you might have guessed, the classes lasted longer than originally planned due to the enthusiasm of both teachers and participants. So allow at least 1 ¼ hours for the essential oils class and expect to spend 1 ½ hours plus two more short sessions in the bakery for the sourdough, staying until the end of the market to collect your finished loaf.

Please book your places for both classes on May 1st with Craig on 021 571 8607 or 076 558 2417
More details and outlines of the classes here