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Herbal Workshop

The Camphill Village Herbal Workshop is a social enterprise that was established in 1964, with expert assistance from Doctor Richard Phythian, a qualified Alchemist from Scotland.

The motivation for the establishment of the workshop was to provide meaningful work opportunities in a safe and empowering environment to the residents at Camphill Village.

Residents are taught a variety of skills in the manufacturing of the herbal products in the Herbal Workshop. All products are manufactured at Camphill, using only the purest ingredients and, where possible, utilizing the herbs that are grown on the farm.

We supply our range to various retailers and health institutions and the income generated from the sale of our products contributes to the financial sustainability of Camphill Village.

Over the years our herbal products have successfully crept into the hearts of many loyal customers, who have all experienced the uniqueness of our exceptional products…and people.

Herbal Workshop at Camphill Village Processing herbs