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Camphill Village Music Festival 2015


Saturday 31st October 2015
13h00 until 19h00

Camphill Village West Coast will be hosting their second annual music festival on Saturday 31st October. The event will start at 13h00 and run until 19h00.

The line-up includes popular South African artists: Beatenberg, Just Jinjer, Ottoman Slap, Bootleggers, Swallowers of Time and The Comeback Kings, with HemelBesem as MC.

The Festival will be an outdoor concert, with a variety of great food and wine stalls. Come and join us on the beautiful countryside festival grounds for a day of good vibes and fabulous music.James Sleigh, Managing Director at Camphill Village West Coast, says that they are excited to have Just Jinjer and Beatenberg as the headliners of this year`s Festival.

Beatenberg is the fresh new face of pop music from South Africa. They won a total of 7 SAMAS in 2015 including Best Album. Just Jinjer also needs no introduction. They are South African Music Legends. Sleigh says that with names like these on the line up, Camphill Village Music Festival will hopefully grow to be a highlight on the Music Festival Calendar in the Western Cape. Add to that Ottoman Slap`s exotic flair, Bootleggers` musical mojo and Swallowers of Time`s blues-rock vibes, the Camphill Village Music Festival 2015 is set to be an unforgettable experience.

Band Line-Up

13h00 - MC Hemelbesem intro
13h15 – Swallowers of Time
14h15 – Vision Records Artists
15h00 – Bootleggers
16h00 – Ottoman Slap
17h00 – Just Jinjer
18h00 – Beatenberg

Food & Drink

You can also look forward to award winning wines, an SAB tent and specialty craft beers ... plus of course FOOD glorious FOOD.

Please note: Do not bring your own alcohol!

We've invited some of the best food trucks from around Cape Town to join us for this event. So you can savour superb coffee and banquets from Café Bon; delectable fusion cuisine from the French Afrik Bistro; the best in organic meats from Scandalous, spicy treats from El Gringo and a taste of the east from Wahine to mention a few.


We will have a large screen TV so no rugby action will be missed!



General Info Enquiries

For more information about Camphill and the Festival, contact Janine on 021 571 8600 or

Media Enquiries

For all media enquiries please contact Liny Kruger from LK Mediabook at

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Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on the festival latest news Facebook, Twitter (Please use our hashtag - #CamphillFest).



More about Camphill Village West Coast

Camphill has provided a unique inclusive approach to life for Intellectually Disabled adults, for over 50 years, involving them in the activities of a thriving community. Residents live and work at Camphill.They live in group homes, run by a group home leader, and work in one of the various enterprises on the premises.

The enterprises consist of a dairy, a bakery, a cosmetics workshop and a working farm. Products from the enterprises are sold to many shops and outlets in Cape Town.The revenue generated from these sales, helps to sustain the organisation.

The Music Festival is a Fundraising event to further support the Camphill Village West Coast community.




Poster design – thanks to Craig of Haven Media for designing our festival poster.