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The Bakery

The bakery was established over 20 years ago, primarily to provide nutritious bread for the 150 people living at Camphill. As the bread became increasingly popular, our bakery started to produce loaves for outside customers.

Today, the bakery produces rye bread, various rye blends, sour dough breads, seed loaf, raisin, white and brown bread, making regular deliveries to selected Cape Town shops. We use stone ground flour and “wild” natural yeast in a natural slow ferment process. No added preservatives, pre-mixes, additives or fillers are used.

As well as our breads we bake rye and other rusks, wheat free biscuits and granola.

Residents are trained and skilled in baking and are able to feel they make a meaningful contribution to village life and assist in generating income for the organisation.

The Bakery at Camphill Village Fresh bread sold at Camphill Market